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Go, hartPeter Foggitt
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Sanctus (Missa super Domine probasti me)Peter Foggitt
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Pasch (ending)Peter Foggitt
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7 VillanellePeter Foggitt
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Pasch - William Petter & Peter Foggitt
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Motets include:

Go, hart (2019) SATB  4'30

[audio on left]

Carissima in deliciis (2019) SSATB   6'30

[video on left]


Rise, rise thou, Deborah (2019) SSSAAATTBB, organ, opt. clarinet  6'

A Hymn to God, my God, in My Sickness (2018) SSAATTBB  5'

Glosssolalia (2011/2020) SSAATTBB  7'

The Burning Bush (2018) ATB  3'

The angels rejoice, and praise the Son of God (2013) SATB  5'

Alleluia: Deus deorum (2020) forty-nine voices  4'

In pace: in idipsum dormiam (2021) SATB  3'

O taste and see (2021)  SATB  1'30

O clap your hands together, all ye people (2021)  SATB  3'

Come, my children (2021)  SATB, piano  3'

I know that my Redeemer lives (2018) SATB, organ  2'

Ass stable angel oxen bell (2015) SATB, organ  3'

[singalong video on left]

Larger vocal works include:

The Song of Songs (2016) SMTB soli, chorus, orchestra  65'

[video on left]

Thomas of Canterbury (2014) AT soli, chorus, cl., tpt., vc., piano  20'

The Monk (in progress) opera after Matthew Lewis

(libretto by Venetia Bridges)

Three Mystery Plays

i. Genesis (2011) SMTB soli, chorus, strings, two pianos  30'

ii. Nativity (2015) SB soli, chorus, strings, piano  30'

[video on left]

iii.The Passion (2013)  SSAATTBB soli (doubling chorus),  strings, piano  30'





Missa super Domine probasti me (2016) SATB  12'

[audio on left of Sanctus--Osanna: double canon at the 7th]

Missa brevis (2021) unison voices, organ  6'

Magnificat & Nunc dimittis (2020)  SATB, organ  8'

St Paul's Evening Service (2008) ATB  8'

Pasch (2020) SATB soli, choir, organ  33' (also in a shorter version  17')

[audio on left of final six minutes]

Speak, Parrot (2013)  12'

i. Speak, Parrot

ii. My darling dear, my daisy flower

iii. Mannerly Margery Milk and Ale

Instrumental works include

Villanelle (2020) solo piano  21'

[audio on left]

Songs include:

Three Animal Lyrics (2018) voice, recorder, cello  6'

The King's Breakfast (2012) voice, piano  4'

Ode on a Grecian Urn (2009) voice, piano  10'

Ode to a Nightingale (2006) voice, piano  9'

Twenty-Five Songs for Alice (2012) voice, piano  45'

Pasch (2013) voice, piano  5'

[audio on left]

I saa three crosses gainst the caul blae lift,
An on them me an you an him atween;
I hard him say tae you, “Tak nou my gift
O life in Paradise this aifterneen.”


They laid him in a gairden bi himsel
An us twa i the yaird outside the waa,
An on aa three o’s i the pit o hell
God loot the blaak mirk o the Void tae faa.


E'en thair wi voice o luv he spak tae me
The wird I wadna hear fan on my cross,
Syne fell awa fae me my miserie
An aa I loed on airth tae me wis dross.


Twa nichts gaed by an syne at skreich o day
God row’d awa the steen at steek’d the tomb,
Set free his Son fae caul corruptin clay
An sowls o men fae fear o mortal doom.


I saw the brichtness o the sun gae out
Fan he th’ eternal Sun himsel did rise
Upon a warl I n'er haed thocht about,
Ayont men’s dreams an aa their sair emprise.

    Ivo Macnaughton Clark (1883—1950)

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