Pasch - William Petter & Peter Foggitt
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I saa three crosses gainst the caul blae lift,
An on them me an you an him atween;
I hard him say tae you, “Tak nou my gift
O life in Paradise this aifterneen.”


They laid him in a gairden bi himsel
An us twa i the yaird outside the waa,
An on aa three o’s i the pit o hell
God loot the blaak mirk o the Void tae faa.


E'en thair wi voice o luv he spak tae me
The wird I wadna hear fan on my cross,
Syne fell awa fae me my miserie
An aa I loed on airth tae me wis dross.


Twa nichts gaed by an syne at skreich o day
God row’d awa the steen at steek’d the tomb,
Set free his Son fae caul corruptin clay
An sowls o men fae fear o mortal doom.


I saw the brichtness o the sun gae out
Fan he th’ eternal Sun himsel did rise
Upon a warl I n'er haed thocht about,
Ayont men’s dreams an aa their sair emprise.

    Ivo Macnaughton Clark (1883—1950)

Peter is a doctoral composition student at Durham University. Forthcoming works include the first operatic version of Matthew Lewis's The Monk (with libretto by Venetia Bridges).

Recent projects include:

The Song of Songs  |  1885 Singers  |  65'

Cello Quintet  |  Sandy Baillie, David Burrowes &c  |  10'

Three Animal Lyrics  |  Trio Atem  |  6'

and works for:

London Festival of Contemporary Church Music

Sloane Square Choral Society

Barefoot Opera (made into a feature film, Pale Shadows)

St Paul's Cathedral

Chichester Cathedral

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